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Across five countries, about 120 talented and driven individuals will work on heart health challenges during a two-day in-person event hosted by Daiichi Sankyo in Europe.​








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To generate new ideas which help prevent as many people as possible from experiencing the negative impacts of cardiovascular disease, and to help protect those who are affected so that they can enjoy every precious moment that life has to offer.

All ideas will be evaluated by a jury of experts and Daiichi Sankyo senior representatives; at least one of these ideas will be selected for further development, while others may be selected to receive mentoring support from Daiichi Sankyo and/or its partners.

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Health Literacy

How to help individuals better understand their risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease so they may take relevant actions and articulate their concerns and worries better for themselves, their relatives, and their healthcare team?​

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

How to empower individuals to implement relevant lifestyle changes sooner and to sustain them to prevent heart-related complications?

Enhanced Motivation

How to motivate and engage individuals to be proactively aware and informed about their cardiovascular health and potential risk to manage it effectively?



The CardioXplore challenges will be co-developed with patients, healthcare professionals and representatives of the national healthcare ecosystems in a series of online Ecosystem Workshops across Europe.

During the hackathon, participants will brainstorm and generate ideas that seek to solve the specific challenges and further develop these ideas into prototypes based on the input of patients, their carers and experts.​

​These ideas will be refined and validated over the course of the hackathon, and be transformed into concrete, deliverable solutions.


Daiichi Sankyo in Europe

Our lives are full of precious moments and every one of them matters. The key is to not miss them and treasure them in our hearts.​

We at Daiichi Sankyo share the same feeling. That’s why we are committed to providing innovative cardiovascular therapeutic options for our patients.​

​We are experts in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and have a long history in bringing much-needed therapies to patients. Our broad portfolio of innovative medicines adheres to the highest standards, and we work tirelessly to remain a trusted partner to both healthcare professionals and the patient communities that we serve. We put the patient at the heart of everything we do, seek to improve access to innovative treatments and empower patients to better manage their conditions in partnership with healthcare professionals.​

We want people to get the best out of every moment because each one of them is a gift.

We have every single moment at heart.​

Just like you do.


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Hack Belgium Labs

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